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Hi there friends...

I'm Larissa - Wife, mum, friend and avid lover of all things low tox: #reducethetox and essential oils...

I believe in wholistic balance through  - Mind - Body - Spirit healing... I went through a dark time a few years ago when my energy  was low both physically and emotionally...

I searched for joy and peace that seemed elusive. 

Through God's grace I found a new energy and enthusiasm for life... 

The Wholistic Wellness Hub is about finding wellness through 

various means ...

Raindrop massage - Deep Tissue massage- Energy Healing -

Zyto Scans - Aromatherapy (amazing oils)

& Low tox solutions ...

I'd love to connect... 

In desperate need of
energy and relaxation? 

Services We Offer

Here's What's Available At the Wholistic Wellness Hub

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Energy Healing

Feeling low in energy - physically or emotionally then booking an Energy healing session is a great first step to help you raise your vibration. Larissa will help you to shift how you feel physically and emotionally so that you can face life head on. 



The WWH offers Raindrop, Remedial and Relaxation Massage. 

Raindrop Massage: A therapeutic massage combining aromatherapy and massage in one to calm both body and mind.

Remedial Massage: Deep Tissue and Trigger point massage. 

Relaxation: Relaxing and rejuvenating. 
Keen to experience massage with Larissa? Let's make a time...

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Zyto Scans

Wanting to get an idea of what is going on in your body systems? then it's time to book a zyto scan. Zyto uses galvanic skin response and measures the four main body systems and stressors to give you insight and give you and idea of how to bring your body into balance. Zyto does not diagnose, it is an amazing resource to support you in your wellness plan. Book in a zyto scan appointment today!

Upcoming Events

Word on the Street


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Kate Kernick

Raindrop: A wonderful experience. Being a holistic psychotherapist I am always on the lookout for alternative treatments that serve to soothe worried minds and nervous systems fast and effectively, whilst feeling held in a safe space.  Larissa takes care to ensure that this is in place and i felt calm, relaxed and centred after my massage.

Contact Info

Phone Number: 0433 457 415

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Anything that goes on your body should be safe enough to go in your body...

~ Gary Young

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