Larissa's Story: Striving to thriving...

Hi there, I'm Larissa. Busy mum of four, wellness educator, friend and community builder - this is how I'd always like to be remembered... 


For many year I struggled with anxiety and overwhelm. With the feeling that I wasn't enough. I didn't think what I did or what I said was of value to anyone. I would prefer to hear someone else speak, or to take credit for things than myself. 


I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be joyful. I wanted energy. I wanted to be able to shut off my mind and feel peace. But there was a deep seated sadness in me - I know this cause I felt it and people told me they sensed it.


Granted there was a lot going on in my world. In my mind. I wasn't satisfied with my work, with my home life. My son was diagnosed with ASD, so life at times felt like a roller coaster. There was a whole lot of stuff going on that i could not feasibly control. 


I like to be in control. 


Then my health suffered. 


I realised I had to get onto my health and also take control of my mindset. 


I had to change how I feel about myself - this is something I need to work on this daily. 


I'm 40+ (wink!) and only just coming into my own. Realising that I can take control of who I am and the outcomes I have for my life. That I am valuable and I determine my own happiness and my own health. 


Now I'm on a mission to support as many mums as possible to regain their energy both physically and emotionally and get that inner boost they so desperately need so they can fearlessly take on their world. 


Come join our group for inspiring mums  ready to challenge the status quo and learn how you can find freedom armed with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive group. 


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