Hello!! A little bit about me... 

I haven't always been a lover of oils, or all things low tox. I was raised using products that were anything but health and good for me. When i got married i looked for products that were the cheapest possible. Cheap and cheerful! 

I dabbled in 'healthy stuff'. Products that seemed healthy, passion flower pills for migraines and Rescue Remedy for my sleep. I remember thinking that there had to be a better way... I just didn't know what it was. 

A friend asked me to an essential oils workshop. Had never, ever used them before and hadn't ever thought that the blah way I was feeling could be changed. Admittedly i wasn't really, really unwell, but i wasn't well either. I just was. i didn't have energy, i was tired all the time (kids do this to you). I was stressed out and didn't really know why. 

Did i tell you i have four kids?! So life is fun! At the time i remember it also being very draining as i didn't really know how to look after myself and raise my energy! 

So i went to the oils workshop and the rest is as they say... history. I started using Young Living essential oils for everything. Oils are so versatile. Lavender and clary sage were my go to's. I was then challenged to think more widely about what was going into and onto my body. What was I using for cleaning, personal care, shampoos, conditioners. 

I love reasearch so i started to read and research. I was astounded at what harmful ingredients were in virtually everything. It made me feel sick what potential this chemical cocktail of nasties could do to your physical and emotional health. So i did the swap out and didn't look back. 

The last part of my journey has been a swap out to eating healthy. This has perhaps been the hardest. Shaping our families eating and not becoming too intense has been a bit of a battle. I became a member of the Weston A Price Foundation last year, so have been learning so many tips and tips for traditional, healthy eating which boosts the immune system! 

So... the evolution of my health and wellness journey has many parts. I've come to believe its very much a whole package - mind, body and spirit with them all interwoven and impacting each other. Creating balance for myself, my family and my friends is my ultimate goal! Did i mention I love raindrop massage technique?!  

Thanks for joining me :) Me and my lovely friends Ally and Janneke. 

Quakers Hill NSW 2763, Australia

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