Conscious Connections: Creating relationships that matter

I wanted to title this blog 'conscious connections' cause it suggests to me that the connections we have with people are made with purpose. Not just create blindly.

The way we connect is super important, cause it highlights who we are and how we see and view others.

I am a relationship and community builder. Well that's how I like to see myself. It used to be very hard for me to talk and use my voice around people, but I find now as I consciously connect that it flows a lot easier.

So here are my top tips for consciously connecting with people. And just as an aside, family connections are where it all starts :) This is our slightly crazy family (where it all began). But we are amazing. I wouldn't have it any other way.

1. Make sure you are genuine. If you try to connect with anyone and you have an ulterior motive they will see through it. I run a business. I connect with people all the time. But I also believe supporting and referring people to others, or creating connections with only yourself in mind is not honest. If your heart is to support others and what they do this will come across.

Creating these connections will flow easily. Still finding it hard? Look inside yourself. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic. Let go of preconceived notions and motives you have. I am always here to help. Just reach out.

2. Smile at people. A smile creates a genuine connection with someone. It show them that you value them and is part of your energy. When you stare, look away or just simply don't acknowledge someone then a genuine connection is broken.

Not surprisingly a smile creates that link between humans. And we don't do it very often.

3. Focus on the other person. When you connect with another person it is easy to revolve a conversation around yourself. What it is harder to do is to make it about another person. But when you do this it creates that conscious connection that people value.

And people LOVE to talk - sometimes non stop about themselves. They like to give their opinion. So. Listen to what people say. Ask questions. Be interested and learn to remember things about that person. It sounds simple right?!

Easier said than done. It is so... much easier to talk about yourself than be focused on another person.

But these factors will help you to connect and create those conscious connections.

There is a whole lot more involved in consciously creating connections. Some of which I'll cover in another blog. But what it's important to note is that however you chose to connect make sure the energy that flows from you is amazing and what you show to other people is positive and uplifting.

You are amazing and created amazingly. If you'd like to connect further you can do that here. I'd love you to jump over to our amazing group for women who are connecting and uplifting. You can do that here. Remember take steps - otherwise we don't move anywhere.

Rosie and I at one of our oils workshops :)

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