How to shift your energy...

Change your energy one step at a time

I've been in a bit of a funk (slump, slide... whatever you like to call it) the last few days. Perhaps I am hormonal. Perhaps things have just been full on. I'm a mum of four. I own my own business. I have a family. I have children on the autism spectrum. Yes life can be super full on. But... I have been on this path before and I don't like where it leads. I also know that I can change my energy with a few simple steps. I have control of my vibration and the way I allow myself to feel.

At times life can feel overwhelming. We can feel things are getting on top of us. it's easy to feel this way. Especially when there are multiple things demanding our attention. I don't know your journey. But i do know their are aspects of life that we can change and aspects that we can't. But ultimately we have a choice. The old saying, your energy precedes you is so significant and true.

I do also know when you feel life, your energy is in a slump you may not even feel like you know how to move past it. But it is so worth making the effort.

Tips for Changing your energy

1. Mindset matters


Shifting your thinking is key to changing your energy - your vibration. There are heaps of other tips, but it's only possible when you make the decision that you want to transform how you feel and how you come across to the world - to the people around you...

How you think about yourself and what is happening around you is what governs the way you move forward or stagnate.

- Our thinking.

- Our beliefs.

- Our language

All determines how we see and react and ultimately this determines our response.

Simple shifts to all of these enhance your energy and your life.

2. Eating 'Healthy'

This is a biggie, but so important.

It makes sense.

Sit and eat crap and well you will feel like crap. Processed foods. Sugary foods and foods that we know are just not so good for us affect our energy.

We feel it. Straight after we eat it, right?!

Well I do.

As I eat those not so good foods the instant gratification slowly morphs into a realisation that my digestive and immune system are not going to be too happy soon!

Eating food that support our body systems are great alternatives.

If you want more info on what foods will benefit you the Weston A Price Foundation have awesome principles for eating foods that will nourish your body. I encourage you to have a look.

Primarily eat fruit, vegetables, less meat and some fats. Food that will sustain you. Life giving food and of course remember to drink water and lots of it!!

3. Connect with Like minded people

Connection is another biggie. Meet and connect with those people who lift you up. You can be the encourager in any relationship - this is ideal. But... make sure that you are also being encouraged. Without this it is easy to fall into that slump...

Avoid toxic people. These people are negative. They pull others down and they make you feel just like that processed food - crap. So steer clear of them.

Find people who have the same vibration as you. Who you can talk to and relate to.

A few years ago I realized that I am the kind of person who likes to serve people. That's fine per say. However only when people accept support and aren't dragging you down in the process.

No point allowing your energy to reflect theirs, when you want to raise your vibration.

So surround yourself with people who are better than you. Who you aspire t be life. Who inspire you and who are awesomely amazing.

4. Reduce the toxic burden on your body and add in Essential oils

Seven years ago two of the best things I did were to swap out all my nasty chemical laden products for toxin reduced products and to use Essential oils. When we apply harsh chemicals to our body through make up, skin care and personal care we allow our bodies to become the target for health and wellness issues. Incidentally have you considered how many toxins you are breathing in, applying to your skin and well basically ingesting on a daily basis?

When we breathe in toxins and we eat toxic foods the same applies. It's like our body systems come under attack.

As an alternative our home is completely 'low tox' the products I use are all plant based and those I can (if I needed to) ingest. I know they are safe for my family and I.

At the same time essential oils help to raise our vibration or energy. We feel good about ourselves as a result. Essential oils when breathed in affect the part of the brain that controls emotions so they help with how we feel. They are also part of nature so close to God and what has been created for humans. For me they form a pivotal part of my life. They are infused into what I use on a daily basis - they help to shift my mood and support all parts of my body system. The warning is however that not all oils are created equally. Reach out to me in you want to know more or feel free to join our oils and low tox group here.

You can shift your energy ...

These are the main ways I enhance my energy and create that shift when I start to feel low - but there are others...

I want to encourage you ... but shifting your energy requires effort.

For me the shift began 7 years ago and It continues today.

My life was on a completely different trajectory. I had life mapped out for me as I saw the direction it was heading. It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't good. It just was. That's pretty sad

I've mentioned before that I lacked any sense of joy or feeling or purpose. If you feel like you are on the same path please reach out to me. I've been there and it's not a great space to sit in. Make that decision and then start the journey. It is SO worth it.

If you'd love you to connect with like minded women who are re- thinking how they do life, reaching for something more and finding their voice. Our facebook group is here and is a great space to be inspired and encourage in life, work and in all spheres.


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