No more crackers please: life with 6, autism and me

As the start to my blog I thought I would write about a topic I know fairly well... Well two topics, motherhood and autism. I do not have autism, but I do have a son who is has mild autism, so I have a pretty good understanding of both motherhood and autism, being a mum of four children, 13,11, 9 and just turned 8 years old. So while this website is dedicated to my low tox journey and sharing that with the you, both motherhood and navigating motherhood and being an #autismmum makes up a fairly significant part of my journey and well it's a good place to start. The two overlap.

A funny thing about my autism journey was I completed my thesis back in 2009 before I entered into the journey of being an mum of a child on the spectrum. Can you guess what i completed my thesis in?! The topic was "Friendship and Loneliness in children with High functioning Autism". Little did i know that a few years down the track this would be a topic i would know intently well.

But, you know having knowledge of something and the more knowledge you have doesn't give you any guarantees of how life will be or how you will approach it. I was still surprised when my son's preschool teacher told me she thought there was something special about him. But i suppose knowing what i knew was both bitter sweet and also liberating. Knowing something isn't what it seems and yet you can't pinpoint what it is, brings great relief when you get answers, but it wasn't the answer i was expecting... There were also many tears knowing what I knew as potential outcomes for the future. So... sometimes the lesser you know the better.

Anyhow, fast forward and we have an amazing little boy who has come so far. He is happy, healthy and has some close friends (yes this was the topic my thesis covered). We do have our usual share of tantrums, but no more at the moment than from his sister, who is immensely hormonal! There are a number of intense behaviours and he can be seriously full on! But, there is an amazing blessing in being this boy's mum. For that i am so thankful.

#fairthfulinthelittlethings. Stay tuned.

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