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Tips for staying sane during self isolation

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I have now passed out and through the grieving period of self isolation, you know when you realise that it's happening and there isn't a lot you can do about it?! I am accepting things. It is true for most of us our world has completely flipped. We find ourselves establishing 'a new normal, whether we like it or not. I could just curl up in a ball and wallow and in the past I would have done just this. But if I have learned anything, it's that this kind of action leads nowhere and I can do so much better. So I find myself ready to do 'stuff' and make a real impact both now and for when we have moved onto the other side. For 'this too shall pass'.

I have however been a little bit worried about 'going crazy' at home. I realised today I need more than just sitting at home with the kids. That may sound selfish, but I really do need my mind to be active. I always have, hence me trying to do and learn a million things at once. I love my kids, but they can be full on, so having something else to focus on also keeps my sanity.

Maybe you are at the same point and needing that 'something else' also?! This is my reflection of what keeps me sane during self isolation with four kids.

1. Keep connected

If you are anything like me, then keeping connected with others is huge! I've gone from seeing a lot of people and networking to nothing. Within days. Instead of allowing the 'isolation' part to affect you mind and spirit, keep connected. Here are some suggestions: Message friends, create group chats on messenger and speak to people. Use the telephone! We often forget that this is an amazing way to connect, but this is what we did pre Facebook!!

2. Create a basic routine for you (and if you have kids them too!)

I love routine. But I learnt long ago being too tight doesn't work for us. We have a basic routine, but it's flexible. We all have yuck days! Today was that for us. Jordan did NOT want to do work, so he really didn't do that much. That's ok, he can do it tomorrow. The kids have jobs to do, but that's a work in progress also. We all need to learn to relax and work this all out. It's new for us all.

3. Find a project or get creative

My son is going a bit stir crazy. So... his therapist suggested we create a project for him. This is something we can all do together. We will be gardening and creating our veggie patch! It's something I wanted to do for ages, so there is no time like the present! I have hugely creative friends so will be stealing their creative ideas also!!

4. Eat well and stay healthy

This is a HUGE point to stay sane!! While I would love to binge on chocolate and fizzzy drink. I wont. Eating well keeps us well. It's so important to eat well at the moment, as nutrition is the backbone of immunity. Fruit and veg should be 80% of what we eat. I am also a big believer that bone broth is amazing!! Drink water. Hydration is awesome!

5. Guard your mind

Just like eating what we put into our mouth is important. So its what we put into our minds. It's a great chance to catch up on good reading. To plug into good training. To listen to amazing podcasts. Where we put our energy will impact our minds.

6. Get out into nature

I was reminded by a beautiful naturopath today that getting into nature is so significant. Nature continues to exist despite what is happening around us. It is God's creation. It helps to ground us. So get into it and enjoy!

7. Be fun and have fun

Do something fun. Do what you love to do. Cook. Read a book. Dance. Sing. Whatever tickles your fancy. Just enjoy being... Despite the circumstances.

The kids have found new and creative ways of having fun including a garage disco :)

8. Use your oils!!

You know I love essential oils. They ground me. They create my level of sane in everything. Get out your Young Living oils and use them! Joy. Peace and Calming. Thieves. Transformation. Whatever oils give you the most joy. Citrus oils make us feel happy. I suggest using them. Oils can change your emotions. They help with release. They help make you happy. They calm. They do so many things that are good for you. Breathe them. Use them topically. You can read my story here. Keen to find out more, or purchase oils? I'm always keen to connect. Get in touch here.

While you are doing these things remember 'this too shall pass'. Create a new reality that works for you. That keeps you sane and that brings you joy. Love, laugh and learn. This is what I will be doing. Keep well. God bless.

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