Transforming your life: How to change your energy...

Updated: Mar 18

If you need an energy shift. You are ready to move on. You want change. Then i believe you are reading this for a reason.

You may be at a crossroads. A few years ago i was too. A lot of crappy stuff happened. It felt like it was outside of me. In reality i had perfect control over every aspect. I learned that although i cannot control another person i control my reactions. I reacted badly.

But the dumb, stupid situation catapulted me. it transformed my energy. One stupid decision can be THE best thing ever, because of what happens as a result. #trulybelssed

Remember your energy proceeds you. A WHOLE lot of crappy stuff had happened in my life that i couldn't control. Is this you? Then you need to stop wallowing. Your energy proceeds you.

Step #1 Get out of the Mud: Smile

I had to learn to shift my energy. Simply put i had to begin to smile. Be positive. Like people. Talk to people regardless of how i felt, Encourage. Uplift. Basically to think beyond myself. It was hard.

Step #2 Mindset Shift

Shift your thinking. From your mind comes the words you speak. How you look at the world. What you think of yourself and others. The mind is powerful it dictates your life. I wanted amazing things. So i had to shift my thoughts. EVERY day.

Step #3 Grounding

What grounds you daily? I do 2 things. Read the bible and pray to God. Use Young Living Essential oils - both have an amazing impact on my vibration. They lift me up and keep me centred. Some people meditate. Use affirmations.

Centre yourself with what works for you.

Step #4 Find your people

If you are emotionally stuck. Transformation begins with 1 decision. That you want to move. No longer be stuck. Gather people around you. People who encourage and motivate. Inspire and uplift. Move away from toxic people.

It all sounds simple. But it isn't. Transformation happens over time. Not instantly.

But it does happen


Smile. Shift your mindset. Become grounded. Create Community.

Your energy proceeds you. Its the lasting impression that you leave. Make it count. Choose joy.

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