Uplifting Australian Essential Oils that support your respiratory system

Oils to help you feel and breathe better

Want to boost your respiratory system naturally? Looking for therapeutic grade oils with amazing benefits? Here are some safe solutions to support your breathing and ignite your senses. All from Australia!

What are Essential oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. They are extracted using steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Each compound gives each essential oil its unique characteristic essence.

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have a stimulating fragrance. They are a natural means to health and wellness. They have many positive benefits including:

- Changing your vibration. when diffused they help you to feel amazing

- Supporting your body systems. Creating balance through topical application

- A safe and natural way of boosting your wellness and inner defence.

- Uplifting way of releasing stress and increasing energy

Four outback Botanical oils

There are a number of outback botanical farms in Australia. Essential oils that are grown in their natural settings. These are four that are great for uplifting and for breathing.

Australian Ericificiola

This essential oil is known as the 'Lavender tea tree'. It combines the grounding soothe nature of lavender with the benefits of tea tree. It is a pleasant, woodsy scent mixed with fresh and floral lingering notes. This essential oil is grown in Tasmania.

Benefits of Ericificiola:

- Diffuse in any room, or use V6 or coconut oil for breathing and revitalising!

- Use for pesky skin irritations

- Great for self care and rejuvination

- add to lavender and roesmary oil for great looking hair

Australian Kunzea

Kunzea is a shrub native to Tasmania and the rest of Australia. It is commonly known as the 'white cloud. It has properties similar to Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree), but it smells more pleasant when applied topically. It has a deep relaxing and refreshing aroma.


- Diffuse at home for a woodsy, relaxing environment and breathe well.

- Good for stress, tension and saddness

- Helps to diffuse deep, emotional hurt

- soothes fatrigued muscles

- Good for blemishes

- creates a relaxing, calm atmosphere

Blue Cypress

This tree is Indigenous to Australia—Callitris intratropica. It has as a fresh scent similar to other evergreens but with a touch of lemony sweetness. This tree can live 200 years and is found in Darwin! It is also part of the Australian Blue and Kuranya blends.


- Soothes muscles after a workout

- Use on blemished skin

- Amazing when diffused for awesome breathing

- moisturise for dry skin

- Great as a perfume!

Sacred Sandalwood

This one comes from the Northern Outback. It's amazing for skin and to feel uplifted afterwards! It has a warm, woodsy aroma.


- Creates a grounding relief from head tension.

- Diffuse for comfort when breathing.

- Diffuse during yoga and meditation for clarity and confidence

- Apply topically for digestive discomfort.

Essential oils provide safe, natural solutions for health and wellness. They are uplifting as they bring balance and harmony in your body. At the Wholisitc Wellness Hub we are focused on supporting you to create balance mind, body and spirit. The Essential oils that I use and recommend are Young Living. You can read my story here. Their seed to seel promise guarantees quality, purity and that the oils are sourced from the farm and harvested at the best time. Essential oils are a major part of what the body needs for balance and calm. Coming up to winter is a great time to use these oils for breathing and balance. Purchase oils here.

Remember oils only work when you use them. Enjoy the uplifting scent of these outback oils. Happy Oiling!

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