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What are the top 5 benefits of massage?

Why should I get a massage?

Having a massage is amazing!

There is nothing better than a great massage, is there?

That feeling on those stressed-out tired muscles as they relax.

The feeling of your therapist's hands releasing knots.

Tension drifting away. Those drops of essential oils, or the glide of hands over the back, legs, arms, feet.

It’s all very grounding.

It’s calming and it's usually very relaxing.

The feeling that we get during and after a massage is amazing!

It’s not just in your mind - Massage does have numerous proven benefits.

But to start with…

What is a massage?

The Cambridge dictionary defines massage as:

to rub and press someone's body with regular repeated movements, in order to relax them or to reduce stiffness or pain in the joints or muscles...

Most people will get a 30-, 60- or 90-minute massage which so is a fabulous way to feel relief and release in a short period of time.

How are Relaxation and Remedial massage different and which should you choose?

Of all the questions I get asked this is the one I get the most.

Many people would just like a great massage - but knowing which to choose is important.

What is relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage includes long gliding strokes (hence being relaxing!) and often encompasses the whole body. This makes it super calming. It’s great for relaxing the body and mind. And fantastic for overall well-being. Those who receive it will feel relaxed and grounded afterwards.

What is Remedial and Deep tissue massage?

Alternatively, a Remedial massage will work on specific areas of the body that need support. This form of massage will get into the muscles that are damaged, knotted, or tense and help to bring relief.

On the other hand, deep tissue, which is often used interchangeably with remedial, is where the pressure is firmer with deeper compression into the muscles - this massage is usually whole body, rather than focused on a certain area.

What type of massage should I chose?

The massage you choose will depend on how you are feeling...

Perhaps you need a massage that will slow down your nervous system. Especially if work and life is intense and stressful...

Perhaps you need specific release to a certain muscle that is overworked, sore or has been damaged...

Or perhaps you need overall relief for tight, stiff muscles...

Talking to your therapist about how you are feeling will help you decide what your body will best respond to and help you make the decision.

Ultimately, we want to feel ten, relaxed and calm.

Top 5 benefits of regular massages

As a massage therapist I am potentially a little biased, but I’m also the recipient of many massages!

So here are what I think are among the top benefits of getting a regular massage.

1. Massage Reduces our stress and anxiety. It is fabulous in calming the nervous system.

Relaxation would be the main benefit that people seek when they have a massage. Be it a Swedish (also known as Relaxation) massage, or Remedial. Many people I have massaged have come to me and their main desire is to feel relaxed.

With 2020/21 having swung past with a lot of tension, worry and stress for most people and a general uncertainty in the air, most of us need that fortnightly or monthly stress relief.

You can get a massage gun, but it doesn’t have the same impact as hands molded to your body.

Massage is fabulous as it:

  • Calming

  • Grounding

  • Enables you to get perspective on life and let go release.

  • Enables your body and mind to slow down.

Overall Relaxation massage is a great one to choose when you need to feel better overall. And don’t forget Raindrop massage is a perfect relaxing massage!

2. Massage is great for pain relief

All forms of massage are fabulous for relieving pain and tension. Both in specific areas and when you are feeling it all over the body. With many people working from home now, we are more often than not leaning over a lot!

Leaning over our phones...

Leaning over computers...

Not watching our posture….

Finding we aren’t stretching…

A lot of things we aren’t doing, which we should be.

This creates a lot of tension and stress in our body systems.

  • Massage is great to loosen muscles.

  • It releases as it gets into areas that are tight and sore.

Remedial and deep tissue massage would be the best choice for pain relief.

3. Massage Boosts your energy

Not only is massage great for your physical energy, it’s also good for you emotionally. Having that time to stop and rejuvenate is amazing in itself. Also feeling a sense of well-being promotes an energy shift. Being connected to another person is great as well.

I’ve massaged people who have been through horrific feats: Loss. Sadness. Trauma.

…Contact and connection is important for everyone. Massage promotes this. Simply having a therapist holding space. Holding intention for you is beneficial to our overall well-being.

Remedial, relaxation or Raindrop are perfect for boosting your energy.

4. Massage increases Circulation and lymphatic flow

As muscles are worked through with a variety of strokes the therapist gets into the muscles to help them release, this promotes the flow of blood and circulation increases.

Through working into tight muscles and releasing tension the muscles loosen and circulation flows through. Good blood flow supports our body systems to function the way they are meant to. This is of course what we want for feeling healthy and being able to function optimally.

Chose which massage feels right for you for this benefit: Raindrop, Relaxation, Remedial all increase the body's circulation and lymphatic flow.

5. Massage helps boost your immune system

While your body is functioning well, you are less stressed and gain a sense of wellbeing - this is a direct impact of massage therapy. Feeling well is awesome!

As a response our immune system will be working a lot better.

Massage helps us to function better and in turn boosts our ability to fight what may be thrown at us. It's a flow through indirect impact for the massage that we have had.

Alternatively, when we don’t look after ourselves (body, mind spirit) we are more susceptible to illness, body flu disease and so on.

Massage helps you feel great!

Massage is a fabulous way to feel fabulous - mind - body and spirit.

It has known benefits for our nervous system, reduces anxiety and stress, increases blood flow and is amazing for pain relief and to boost your immune system.

Getting regular massages will help you mind - body and spirit

I recommend monthly massages to those who are in general good health and haven’t got anything specific going on, just really need to release and relax. For those who are in pain, or feeling they are constantly achy, fortnightly is a good option. As we slow down for that period of time it's a great way to release and reset our mind, body and spirit.

Massage is body maintenance

For me as a massage therapist massage is not an irregular once a year ‘tune up’ it’s a way of maintaining my body which flows onto other areas of my well-being. It makes me feel great about myself and enables me to function with ease. I get regular massages and all types of them, depending on the mood I am in and how I want to feel. I also love to feel the connection with others, and as a therapist I like to learn from other therapists. For me the best massages incorporate essential oils. I love the added benefits that oils bring to a massage and the shift they create to the way we feel.

I'd love to chat to you further about how Raindrop, Remedial or Relaxation massage can benefit you, jump on and book an appointment, or get in touch.

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