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What is a zyto scan

What is a zyto scan?!

A zyto is a biocommunication. This clever machine reads your galvanic skin response (your energy basically) and then provides information from the data on what will help to pull your body into balance. Super informative.

This brings me to my first point about the amazingness of this machine. What makes it so important?

Knowledge is power

With the zyto we can use this system to help support our wellness. (Just as an aside zyto and us using the machine does not suggest that we can cure anything. The zyto is a tool. Which I believe is necessary and supportive on our wellness journey.)

There is a quote that someone said 'Once we know better we can do better'. My view is that once you have knowledge on a certain area of your health and you know it to be true, how can you possibly ignore it?! It's that way with zyto.

We run a scan and the information contained is going to support our body systems. Period. So why ignore it?!

The scan will show us what is out of balance and how to bring the biomarkers back into balance.

The last time I got really sick my scan showed up with viruses. I kinda did somethign about it, but not really. 2 weeks later I was the sickest I had been in ages. At the same time I recovered really quickly cause I knew what to use to bring that balance. What is given will pull the biomarkers into range.

Knowledge is power - it enables you to transform and move ahead. It stops you being stuck. It gives you that first step that we all need to take so we don't stagnate.

We do not want to stagnate.

Your Emotional Health Matters

While the scan measures our body systems and what is happening it also measures our emotional health. This is as important, perhaps more important than our health as a whole.

Without a clear grasp of our emotions and the impact they can have on overall health we really can't be a well person.

Within our bodies we hold emotions that sit within our body system. Our cell DNA holds onto past hurts and trauma. What we have not recovered from. Or cannot move past. This will in one way or another show up in a scan. Anger is a big one.

Some of the scans I have seen show anger sitting through each part of the body. When you are that angry a person how can you truly be healthy and well?!

Zyto enables us to come up with a wellness plan for that next step

Moving forward is important, but... we don't always have a clear idea as to where to move to. Of course we need to eat well. To kick out nasty toxins and to fill our mind with good things.

But we live in a toxic world where it is a challenge to take daily steps towards ultimate wellness. Zyto gives us a clear set of ideas of what to use and how so that we have that wellness plan in front of us to propel us forward.

You can see from here I truly appreciate this machine. There are a million plus stories I coudl share on what it reveals, but next time :) If you haven't had a scan yet please connect with me to see how it can support you. It is truly an amazing tool for giving you insights.

My focus is always on how we can support our mind, body and spirit. Zyto is one way we can do this wholistically. To find out more of to book an appointment:

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