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When I first started using essential oils I was completely clueless. I really didn't know what I was doing or how to use these amazing little bottles of joy (they really are!) I began with one bottle at a time (lavender was my favourite) and soon learned what to use for what and how. it wasn't too hard. Pretty soon I was hooked... I love them because you can pretty much use them for everything! The yare great for physical and emotional and energetic balance!! 

I do understand it can be overwhelming when you first get started though. 

For me I had people helping me out. Showing me what to use and how and I read a lot!! 

Oils are now my main go to for wholistic balance. As a family we use them for everything from low tox to natural support. 

They are the backbone of the Wholistic Wellness Hub and are absolutely amazing!! 

If like me you aren't sure what to do and how to use them, please connect with me. I am happy to make time to chat through with you, or you are welcome to join a class. 

Essential oils are definitely worth learning about and learning from. Cannot imagine my life without these little bottles of amazing... 

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